Basic Configuration

A screenshot of the site configuration with the following fields: Site name, Base URL, WCAG Standard, and Scan Frequency
  • Site Name - The friendly name of the site you are scanning that will show up in dashboards, reports, and search results. If are setting up multiple environments for a site, you might add it as a suffix here. For example: tidyDOM (Development) and tidyDOM (Production).
  • Base URL - The URL to your site. All page paths that you add will be prefixed by this URL before scanning. The URL must be working (loading without an error) before adding a site.
  • Standard - The WCAG compliance level that will be used when scanning your site for issues. We recommend WCAG2.1 Level AA for most sites.
  • Display Level - Whether to display Warnings and Errors, or Warnings, Errors, and Notices. Notices do not contribute to accessibility score calculation.
  • Scan Frequency - Whether to schedule an automated scan of this site daily, weekly, or never. If you are only starting scans manually or with a third party integration, you can set this to “Never (Manual Only)”.