Access Groups

What are Access Groups?

Access Groups allow you to limit which members of your team can access the sites you have configured. This allows agencies to provide access to clients, but restrict them to seeing their own site or sites. Groups are also useful if you have multiple product teams that only need access to the site(s) they are responsible for.

Access Groups is a feature only available to teams on the Agency Plan.

Basic Concepts

  • A list of all of your groups is available at /dashboard/groups. From here you can add a new group, or manage an existing one.
  • A group consists of sites and members. Any site that is associated with a group can only be seen by members of that group.
  • From any site dashboard, click the Access Groups menu item to see the groups associated with the site and the users who currently have access.
    A screenshot of the site dashboard menu, highlighting the 'Access Groups' menu item.
  • For advanced use cases, sites can belong to any number of groups. This provides an extremely flexible way to control access.

It’s important to note, that any site that is not in a group can be accessed by all users on your team.

Common Use Case 1 - Agency with Client Users

  1. Create a group. We recommend calling it something like “Internal” or “Agency Team”.
  2. Add all current sites to the group.
  3. Add all of your internal users to the group. This would typically be all the users on your team who are not clients.
  4. Create a group for each client.
  5. Add the client’s sites as well as the client’s users to this group.
  6. When adding a new site, be sure it is added to your “Internal” group. Likewise if you add team members to your internal team.

Your internal team will be able to access all sites. Your clients will only be able to access sites associated with the client group.

Common Use Case 2 - Product Teams

  1. Create a group for each product your team works with. For example: “Marketing Team” and “App Team”.
  2. Add the appropriate site(s) and user(s) to each product team.
  3. When adding a new site, be sure it is added to the appropriate team’s group. Likewise if you add a new team member.

Each product team will only be able to access the sites they are responsible for.