Managing Users

tidyDOM was built for collaboration, so all plans include extra users that can be added to your team. Users can be assigned roles to restrict their capabilities. On the Agency plan, users can also be added to groups to restrict their access to a particular site or set of sites.

Additional users can be added for $3 per user / month from the Plan & Billing page.

Inviting Users

Users are managed from the “Manage Team” in your account dropdown.

A screenshot of the account dropdown menu.

From this screen, new users can be invited to participate in your team. Enter their email, choose a user role, and click “Save”. The invited user will receive an email to confirm your invitation.

If they do not already have a tidyDOM account, they will be asked to set up a username and password. If they already have an account, your team will be added to their list of available teams.

The user will appear in the pending invitations list until they have confirmed the invitation.

A screenshot of the add team member form.

User Roles

Role-based access controls are available. Each user must be assigned a role on your team.

The account owner is a special role assigned to the person who created teh account. This user has all permissions for the team as well as the ability to manage billing information, update the plan, and cancel the account.

  • Administrator
    • All permissions except:
      • Managing billing information.
      • Updating the team plan.
      • Cancelling the account.
  • Developer
    • Assign, comment and update status of Issues.
    • Add, update, and delete Sites, Pages, and Integrations
    • Start manual scans.
  • Project Manager
    • Assign, comment and update status of Issues.
    • Invite Developers and Project Managers to the team.
    • Manage Workspaces (Agency Plan Only)
    • Update Roles and remove Members (Developers, Project Managers, and Clients only).
  • Client
    • View Dashboard and Download Reports
    • Assign, comment and update the status of Issues.

Transferring Account Ownership

To transfer account ownership, first ensure that the user you would like to transfer the account to is added as an Administrator for the team.

Next have the current account owner send a support request asking to transfer the account with the email address of the new user.

In some cases, we may contact the current team owner for additional confirmation.

After the change is complete, the current team owner will become an Administrator and can delete their user account if desired.